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Using A Web Hosting Plan To Offer Discounts

March 19th, 2012 | Posted by in Internet | Web Hosting | Website Assistance

The best thing you can do for your website hosting plan is to try new things every now and again. This includes attempting to engage your customers on the web through blogging or even making semi-regular web videos. There are also some slightly more traditional ways to engage customers like with exclusive online deals. You can offer coupons to be printed out or offer discounts for folks who order through the website itself.

Finding deals on the internet is something of an international obsession these days. Utilizing the convenience, your web host provider and the website they have built for you to get these deals to your customers will foster a lot of new business without costing you the prices that companies like Groupon and Living Social Deals require. Doing it for yourself can save overhead while still engaging directly with consumers.

Of course you will most likely only be engaging with mostly current customers so it becomes extra important that you encourage them to share the deals with friends and family on the plethora of social networks they already participate in. For every one customer you could have dozens be immediately engaged simply through the rabid recommendation of your already loyal customers.

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